welcome to a new era in strata

Strata laws in NSW have been modernised to suit the way we live, today and beyond. Getting renovations approved is now simpler and there are online options for meetings and voting. Your strata community will need to review its rules (called by-laws) and consider any updates, such as the decision to allow pets and on what terms. There are new model by-laws to help with this process.

Whether you own, manage or live in a strata property, find out how else the new laws affect you.

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What’s new for owners

The new laws make it simpler for you to take part in important decisions about your property and lifestyle.

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What’s new for tenants

Tenants can now be represented on strata committees if at least half of the units in their strata scheme are rented.

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What’s new for industry

New disclosure and accountability requirements for strata professionals are now in place. Changes to strata management contracts affect the length of strata managing agent appointments.

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